May 25, 2024  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Support Services

Wahlstrom Library 2nd floor
Heckman Center for the Bridgeport Plan

Office of Civic Engagement

The Office of Civic Engagement is dedicated to engaging students in civic action, provid­ing voter education material and program­ming, centralizing resources, and communi­cating community partnership opportunities. This office serves as a catalyst for students, staff, faculty, and administrators to connect with, build, and sustain meaningful service initiatives in the greater Bridgeport area.


The Office of Civic Engagement connects and supports individual students with di­rect service opportunities, coordinates small groups, and campus wide service projects.

Community Work Study Program: Students with federal work study are eligible to be placed with an off-campus community part­ner where they will gain work experience in an office setting, provide program and op­eration support, or directly work with youth programs.

Voter Registration and Education: Assist stu­dents with the registration process and pro­vides nonpartisan educational programming.

Career Development

Career Development has a crucial role in preparing students for life after college and in helping alumni through career transitions. We engage freshman through alumni in career preparation and continuing develop­ment while providing opportunities for suc­cess in a global workplace. We partner with employers to promote and facilitate UB in­ternships and hiring. The mission of Career Development is to prepare students for their career journey, connect students to career opportunities, influence UB’s reputation via outreach and outcomes, and Advantage UB via strategic partnerships.


Career Closet

Career Exploration & FOCUS 2

Internship Search & Handshake Review

Employment Search & Handshake Review

Resume Review; Level I: Introduction

Resume Review; Level II: Graduate students and alumni with 2+ years of professional experience

LinkedIn Support

Cover Letter Assistance

Practice Interview

Office Of Student Leadership

The Office of Student Leadership offers several opportunities for students to explore and develop their leadership potential. All leadership opportunities on campus are rooted in our core leadership competencies in order to allow students to build necessary skills to be in successful student-leader, as well as a successful professional upon graduation.


The Student Leadership Institute, the Annual Student Leadership Conference, and a vari­ety of Student-Leadership positions across campus are just a few ways University of Bridgeport students of all levels develop self-awareness, learn strategies to improve leadership skills, and directly apply compe­tencies to their daily life.

Student Support Services

The Student Support Services Program (SSS) is funded by the Federal TRIO Programs and is designed to identify and provide services to a selective group of college students who meet eligibility criteria. All of our services are available at no cost with the intent of assisting students in accomplishing their goal of graduating from UB.


Academic Assistance to help students develop a plan to achieve their academic goals and to meet their individual needs. Career Planning to work with students to recognize career options and to design a strategy for realizing their career goals.

One-on-One and Small Group Tutoring for reading, writing, study skills, mathematics, science, and other subjects.

Group Study Sessions (Supplemental Instruction) for courses that are challenging for many students.

Workshops and Seminars on topics such as note taking, time management, developing good study habits, overcoming test anxiety, and stress management, are just a few.

Financial Aid Guidance to educate students about their financial aid options, the process of applying for financial aid, and their responsibilities.

Program Requirements

The student must be committed to do the following:

Meet with the academic counselor and learn­ing specialist at least three times each semes­ter. The first meeting must take place within the first four weeks of the semester.

Attend the orientation/welcome back event at the beginning of each semester.

Attend a minimum of two SSS sponsored events/workshops each semester.

Office of Student Academic Success

The Office of Student Academic Success is e dedicated to assisting students at the Univer­sity of Bridgeport as they navigate the uni­versity. The Office provides support through advising services, tutoring, supplemental learning, and academic recovery.