Sections: Management/Cost Accounting (Spring 2020 ACCT-505-3M1)

Accounting 505-3M1 Management/Cost Accounting
This course provides an introduction to managerial and cost accounting used by management in conducting daily operations, planning future operations, and developing overall business strategies. The objective is to gain an understanding of the role of accounting in the management process of planning, directing, controlling, and improving the organization's objectives (goals) and to translate those objectives into a course of action. This course includes a comprehensive review of the following topics: basic managerial accounting concepts; job order cost accounting; process cost accounting; break-even point and target profit; budgeting; and standard cost variances.

Section Name: ACCT-505-3M1
Departments: Accounting
Prerequisites: Take ACCT-500
Academic Level: Graduate
Course Type:
Credits: 3
Books: To Be Determined