Sections: ^Acct, Business Law & Ethics (Spring 2020 ACCT-500-SDL2)

Accounting 500-SDL2 ^Acct, Business Law & Ethics
The course focuses the fundamentals of Accounting, and also, how the legal and ethical environment of business impacts business decisions. There is an introduction to the basic principles of Accounting: how to account for business transactions. Emphasis on the understanding of how financial statements are prepared, and how they are used as a basis for decision making by business owners, and others interested in the financial condition of an economic entity and the results of its operations. The Law component introduces how the legal environment of business impacts business decisions with broad ethical, and critical thinking examples throughout. Knowledge of the legal aspects of running a business will enable the student to conduct business within the legal framework and understand the ethical dimension of business decisions. Topics include: Introduction to Business Ethics; Financial Regulation (Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank) Business Crimes, Torts, and Contracts; the Constitution and Government Regulation of Business; Business Organizations; Employment and Labor Laws; Consumer Protection and Environmental Regulation; and Ethical Conflicts including Corporate Loyalty v. Whistleblowing, and Privacy and Technology. Broad ethical critical thinking will be examined using legal cases, decisions, essays and articles.

Section Name: ACCT-500-SDL2
Departments: Accounting
Academic Level: Graduate
Course Type:
Credits: 3
Books: To Be Determined