Sections: ^Org Theories and Mangement (Spring 2020 EDLD-807-WB3)

Educational Leadership 807-WB3 ^Org Theories and Mangement
EDLD 807 Section A: The emphasis of this seminar is placed on leadership theories, organizational climate, human relations, and communication within organizations. The course covers a historical overview of organization and leadership theories and the culminating project is defining and defending a philosophy of leadership. EDLD 807 Section B: This seminar is designed for students in their first semester of the program to be introduced to the School of Education graduate faculty who will co-teach the course presenting their areas of expertise. This course provides the opportunity for students to be introduced to the faculty so that they can determine who might be applicable members of their dissertation committee.

Section Name: EDLD-807-WB3
Departments: Educational Leadership
Academic Level: Graduate
Course Type:
Credits: 3 - 6
Books: To Be Determined